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Lawn Mowing
A professionally managed lawn embellishes the presentation and enjoyment of any property.

Clubs, hotels, motels, exhibition and retail centres, factories and offices

First impressions really matter when customers and important visitors pass or come-onto your property. It sets the standard and advertises to all, that your business is clean, tidy and organised and shows that you take pride in what you do.

When lawn mowing and garden maintenance is left to internal staff, it is often perceived as something they don’t really want to do, this can be reflected in the quality of work and how your business presents itself.

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Garden Maintenance
Professional garden maintenance conducted at regular intervals throughout the year will greatly enhance the presentation and enjoyment of any property.

Our trained horticulturalists can help you plan and design a specific annual program to suit your property, garden areas and requirement with a predetermined and fully costed budget.

Winter: June - August

Winter can be a very busy time!

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Lawn Improvement
A beautiful lawn can be enjoyed throughout the year with a professional care and management program.

Each season creates its own demands and stressful conditions upon a lawn, whether this is temperature, water, nutrition, weed and pest control, mowing, edging and general care and maintenance.

Today’s Mowing has the experience, skills and expertise to manage any lawn, large or small, for the enjoyment of residents, property owners and visitors.

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Landscaping Service
There is nothing more exciting that designing and creating new lawns and garden beds to embellish the presentation and enjoyment of outdoor areas.

Today’s Mowing has the experience and expertise to help you create a new look and feel for your lawn and garden areas.

We can help you with the design and installation of new lawns and gardens to refresh outdoor areas, in residential, commercial and industrial settings. This can include:

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