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Lawn Mowing

A professionally managed lawn improves the presentation and enjoyment of any property. Below are the services we provide.  


Commercial Lawn Mowing Services

We offer lawn mowing services to residential clients as well as a wide range of commercial clients including clubs, hotels, motels, exhibition and retail centres, and factories and offices.

First impressions really do matter when customers and important visitors pass by or visit your property. So your frontage sets a standard and shows everybody that your business is clean, tidy and organised. Above all, it shows that you take pride in what you do.

Sadly, when lawn mowing and garden maintenance are left to internal staff, these tasks are often perceived as something they don’t really want to do, which can be reflected in the work they do and how your business presents itself.


Residential Lawn Mowing Services

The presentation and enjoyment of a beautiful home and its gardens are greatly improved by professional lawn mowing, edging and general maintenance of the area.

Maintaining a lawn and garden area can be very time consuming, laborious and difficult, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. We want to take the hard work out of lawn mowing and edging so you can enjoy your gardening!

We want to take the hard work of lawn mowing and doing the edges so you can enjoy your gardening!


Institutions & Organisations

We also offer lawn mowing services to schools, hospitals, retirement villages, strata units, parks and acreages.

We have the equipment and expertise in mowing all sizes of lawns so we can provide an excellent service to larger residential institutions for the enjoyment of both residents and staff.

These outdoor settings can include common recreational lawns and gardens, and smaller, private gardens enjoyed by individual residents.


Why choose us?

At Today’s Mowing, we take pride in our work and the professionalism of our staff. Our reliability, experience and high-quality service are what separate us from other lawn mowing contractors.

We achieve this high standard with our scheduling systems, staff training, equipment, and the experience and knowledge of all our staff.

Our lawn mowing service can be extended to lawn care systemsgarden maintenance and soft landscaping to further enhance the professional presentation of any property.


Lawn Mowing Services