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Lawn Improvement and Rectification

A beautiful lawn can be enjoyed throughout the year with a professional care and management program.

Each season creates its own demands and stressful conditions upon a lawn, whether this is temperature, water, nutrition, weed and pest control, mowing, edging and general care and maintenance.

Today’s Mowing has the experience, skills and expertise to manage any lawn, large or small, for the enjoyment of residents, property owners and visitors.

In lawn care, improvement and rectification, there are six management applications which Today’s Mowing can help you plan and manage.

Early Spring
The lawn will require pre-season weed control and special fertilising to encourage the new growth.

Late Spring
The lawn will be prepared for the harsh summer with soil conditioning and special fertilising to provide nutrients for the summer growth lawn with possible pest control.

Early Summer
Wetting agents and heat tolerant applications are used to reduce the heat stress on the lawn with possible pest control.

Late Summer
Protect the lawn from the intense heat by applying wetting agents, soil conditions and stress relief to the turf.

End of season special fertilising, weed control and preparing the turf for the colder season ahead.

Throughout these colder months, specific weed control and stress release for the colder weather is required.