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Garden Maintenance

Professional garden maintenance conducted at regular intervals throughout the year will greatly enhance the presentation and enjoyment of any property.

Our trained horticulturalists can help you plan and design a specific annual program to suit your property, garden areas and requirements with a predetermined and fully costed budget.
Winter (June–August):
  • Winter can be a very busy time! Many plants are winter flowering, such as camellias, azaleas and bulbs. These should be enjoyed in all their splendour.
  • During this period, what’s needed includes pruning, cutting back and maintenance of hedges, roses, plants and trees in preparation for rapid growth during spring.
  • This is the perfect time to establish, modify and rectify new garden areas in preparation for the return of the warmer months.
Spring (September–November):
This is the time to enjoy the return of colour and new life to your garden with flowering annuals and perennials.
  • In early spring, weed and pest control is important to avoid damage to plants throughout the gardens.
  • As growth returns, pruning, hedging and shaping of plants will embellish the presentation of the garden as the plants flourish in the new season.
  • The soils need to be fertilised, composted and mulched in preparation for the harshness of the summer heat.
  • The watering systems can be checked and/or installed.
  • Additional planting of new varieties can be introduced in accordance with the overall garden plan.
  • The treatment and management of flowering fruit trees will be required.
Summer (December–February):
The heat and harshness of the summer months will require special garden management strategies to protect and help the garden thrive in extreme conditions.
  • The soil and root systems need to be protected from the heat with right mulching, wetting agents and soil conditioners.
  • Hedges and other plants will require pruning to maintain their shape and presentation.
  • Irrigation and watering will be necessary.
  • Insects and diseases will need to be controlled.
  • During the holiday season, Today’s Mowing can also provide additional care to ensure that the gardens will be well maintained and protected throughout the festive period.
Autumn (March–May):
This colourful season explodes with the leaves on deciduous trees turning magnificent shades of red, gold, purple and orange.
  • In the early autumn, the plants need to be fertilised, mulched and prepared to survive through the cold winter conditions.
  • The trees and plants are cut back with pruning and hedging.
  • Winter varieties are planted and fertilised to provide colour through the cooler months.
  • This is perfect time to start planning any changes to the garden for the next growth season. This includes creating new garden beds and removing, relocating and replacing plants.
Garden Maintenance